Build Your Own Bar

Saturday 1st August 2020

Build Your Own Bar 

Create your own DIY pallet bar and bring the pub and restaurant to your own garden.

Check out our easy 7 steps to upcycling wooden pallets into a simple yet stylist home bar.

Step 1

Create a checklist and make sure you have all the tools and materials required

Checklist ?
Two wooden pallets
1″x3″x12″ board cut into four equal pieces
Exterior paint of Choice
Paving flags (Optional & quantity depends on the size of pallets & paving flags)

Step 2

Get 2 wooden pallets and then sand both pallets down smoothly to remove any splinters. This does not have to be done perfectly as you will be painting over this later on.
Step 3
Remove the dust with the lightly damp cloth, and paint both pallets thoroughly. Make sure to paint them first before joining them.

Step 4
Cut a 1×3″ board into four pieces and lightly sand, and paint those too at the same time.

Step 5
Clamp the two pallets together and pre-drill the screw holes to prevent the boards from splitting. Attach the two pallets using the four wooden strips and fasteners.

Step 6
Next, Dry-fit the paving flags. Once they are fit to your liking, generously apply the construction adhesive to the surface of the pallet, and firmly press the paving flag back in place. Repeat on the remaining pavers.

Step 7
Now for the finishing touches, why not give your more real personality and paint your family name on the bar. Additionally, for a complete look, simply add bar stools, décor and fairy lights for a stylish feel.

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